Preliminary Field:

  • Pollen, Nectar and Flower residue studies in different crops (sunflower, pepper, tomatoes, melon, cucumber, Phacelia…) - initial risk assessment. Sample collection following typical commercial PPP applications
  • Honey bees involved or hand made

Bee Field:

  • Brood Feeding Test P. A. Oomen, A. de Ruijter & van der Steen (1992)
  • EPPO PP 1/170(4): Honey Bee Field Studies
  • Spray application, seed treatment and seed treatment dust
  • Residues in bees and bee products
  • Guttation studies
  • Possible crops: orchards, arable crops and vegetables
  • Apis mellifera (L)and Bombus terrestris (L)

Soil Organisms:

  • Earthworm Field Testing. (ISO 11268-3)

Non Target Arthropods:

  • Full fauna or single organism studies:
    • Species identification
    • Performance of test item applications
    • Sampling (Pit fall trapping, beating, sweeping, chemical knock down) and counting
    • Monitoring and population evolution
  • Residues in arthropods:
    • Foliage dwelling arthropods
    • Ground dwelling arthropods